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In dealing with mental disabilities, difficulty learning, autism, epilepsy and psychological problems

The modern progress program, led by specialist Talal Al-Shammari, aims to provide consultations, guidance, guidance, and extensive programs in the areas of psychological problems, intellectual disabilities, people with special needs, their relatives, whoever is interested, and those looking for information remotely through the website and social media.
طلال الشمري

About the New Progress Program - New Headway

The New Headway program works on social networking sites, where it provides guidance, psychological, family and educational guidance, advice and programs that concern people with special needs and their families through appropriate programs for each individual case and appropriate educational plans and behavior modification around the clock, and daily continuously over the course of Year, to save money, effort and time spent reaching hospitals, centers, and schools. It relies on a team specialized in the field of psychological problems and the field of people with special needs in all their categories and classes, as it provides high-level care services in accuracy and achievement, identifying and treating weaknesses, strengths and continuing to develop them.
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Our vision

Leadership and excellence in providing psychological, community and family services to the largest segment of society that is considered the basic element of this human life that God Almighty distinguished from all living things.

Our message

Ascending in this person that God honored for all creatures and helping him to understand his abilities and creativity and to reach him to the best potential and capabilities.

Target and beneficiaries

The Modern Progress Program serves the following people and groups:
psychological problems
Willem Brother syndrome



Obsessive-compulsive disorder
Autism disorder
Speech and speech
Family crises
Difficulty learning
intellectual disability
Psychological crises
Rett syndrome
Motor disabilities
Down’s syndrome
Cerebral Palsy
Cases of atrophy
Esperger syndrome

Free consultations on WhatsApp

We are pleased to communicate with us on one of the following means:
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For Donation

You can support the new head way team financially through the :following bank accounts

Al Rajhi Bank

Account holder name: Talal Qasim Muhammad Al-Shammari
Account number: 415608010145554
Iban: SA22 8000 0415 6080 1014 5554

Alawwal Bank

Account holder name: Talal Qasim Muhammad Al-Shammari
Account number: 010-539-866-007
IBAN: SA46 5000 0000 0105 3986 6007